At BRC we have a very vibrant, experienced and established group of Masters Rowers. We row both socially and competitively and travel to a range of places – from Italy, the UK, Canada, New Zealand as well as here in Australia – to indulge our love of rowing and companionship with each other and other rowers.

We are a friendly bunch who are always looking for non-rowers to join us and share in our love of rowing.

Both male and female Masters rowers tend to row and train early in the morning throughout the year. We enjoy rowing with our younger members too, whenever and wherever we can.

We are fortunate enough to be able to row in the favourably situated Bunbury inlet which is also within easy reach of local coffee shops.

What is Masters Rowing?

A rower may compete as a masters rower from the beginning of the year during which he or she turns 27. Masters rowers are then placed in categories A to K, ‘A’ being an average of 27 years or over, and ‘K’ being an average of 85 years or over. Dependent on the age they turn that year, the masters rower will then compete against others with the same average age in the respective category. The average and minimum age of a crew competing excludes that of the coxswain.

The aim of a masters rower can be everything from recreational rowing to competing at regattas. Masters rowers can be former elite rowers or absolute beginners who only began rowing aged 27 or above.

Some rowers at BRC have taken up rowing in their 40s, 50s and 60s. They begin with ‘Have-a-go-row’, participate in the ‘Learn to Row’ coached programme and then take it from there.

Masters rowing also focuses on the health and fitness benefits of rowing, socializing and forming friendships.

Rowing is a very enjoyable sport that you can tailor to your needs.