Rowing is an excellent sport for recreational fitness.
You can row at your own pace, set your own workload for each session and train in crews.
Above all, you can get involved in the club.

At BRC, we enjoy participating in a range of activities including

• Faction Fridays
• Outings for special occasions
• Outings just to row because we love rowing
• A social evening at the club, usually on a Friday, to watch the football and mix over a drink
• Morning coffee
• Busy bees
• Boat maintenance activities

All BRC members are put into one of three factions, each with a Faction Leader.

The factions take it in turns to run a social rowing evening of fun activities followed by a meal at the Clubhouse.

We can win points for our Factions and prizes too.

See the BRC Calendar for the dates of our Faction Fridays.